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Why Airplanes Still Have Ashtrays in the Toilet ?

Anyone who travels by plane knows that smoking in the air is strictly forbidden.

But even though smoking is prohibited on the airplanes, we still see ashtrays in the toilets. Some people may think that the aircraft was manufactured before the smoking ban, but the ashtrays are also available on the newly produced airplanes. Come on, let's look at this together.
It is estimated that the traveler can break all bans and smoke a toilet. Along with this, it is thought that the person who breaks the ban can throw his cigarette into the trash can after finishing the cigarette. As a precaution, ashtrays were placed in the toilets.

In 1973, 123 people were killed as a result of the fall of a plane belonging to Varig Airway. It was noticed that after the accident, a passenger smoked in the toilet, and after the cigarette butts were put into the trash bin, the plane was under the smoke. Because the cabin was under smoke, the pilot lost all control and a plane crash occurred.
If an ashtray disappears in the plane, it is obligatory to replace the ashtray within 10 days.

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